Chiefs worth $1.1 billion, Forbes says

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Wonder what Lamar Hunt would think about Forbes Magazine's latest valuation of NFL franchises that has the Kansas City Chiefs worth $1.1 billion?

Hunt was bullish on the future of pro football when he founded the Chiefs as the AFL's Dallas Texans in 1960. But he had no way of knowing that his initial $25,000 investment into a pro football team could pay dividends quite like it has.

The Chiefs are merely 24th among NFL teams on Forbes' list. Some of the teams ahead of the Chiefs were also original AFL franchises: New England Patriots (second at $2.6 billion), New York Jets (sixth, $1.8 billion), Denver Broncos (11th, $1.45 billion) and Tennessee Titans (19th, 1.16 billion).

That doesn't diminish the value of the Chiefs. Hunt died in 2006 and his son Clark now operates the team but the Forbes' numbers show that the future of pro football in Kansas City is secure.