Bray looks healthy enough to practice, play

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Quarterback Tyler Bray didn't participate in practice with the Kansas City Chiefs on Monday, but he was on their practice field watching intently and certainly looked like he was healthy enough to participate.

It's too late for that, though. Bray is on the injured-reserve list, meaning his season is over with regard to participating in practice or playing in games. According to NFL rules, a player on injured-reserve can attend team meetings and practice, but that's the limit of their participation.

Bray will receive $323,250 from the Chiefs this year for being on injured-reserve. His salary was scheduled to be $495,000 had he stayed on the active roster.

His injury happened at a good time for the Chiefs, in the last preseason game against Green Bay. The Chiefs are calling it a high ankle sprain and it allowed them to keep all four of their quarterbacks, Alex Smith, Chase Daniel and rookie Aaron Murray on the active roster and Bray on IR.

"It's great to be able to keep all of them," coach Andy Reid said. "They all did a good job this camp."

Watching video of the Green Bay game, it's tough to figure out exactly when Bray was injured. He was sacked on one play on his final drive but popped right up and didn't have a noticeable limp afterward. He also threw a strong pass two plays later to Mark Harrison.

Even Reid wasn't sure when Bray was injured.

"I didn't go back and really analyze it but he was complaining about it on the sideline."

The Chiefs don't allow injured players to speak with reporters.