Chiefs season prediction: 8-8

The Kansas City Chiefs have too much talent to win just two games again, and they addressed their two major flaws from last season: poor coaching and lousy quarterback play. They also have an early schedule set up for success. But it’s still a bit much to expect them to make the playoffs in their first season with Andy Reid as their coach and Alex Smith as their quarterback.

In addition to a new coach and quarterback, the Chiefs have new coordinators and new offensive and defensive systems, a new general manager and many new players in key spots. That’s a lot to mesh together in a short period of time.

The addition of Smith, who threw just 10 interceptions in his last 25 starts for the 49ers, will cut down on turnovers, and that alone will help improve the offense. But Smith isn’t capable of carrying a team on his back and will need more help than the Chiefs appear capable of giving him.

Pass protection has been a problem during the preseason, and the Chiefs had yet to identify a second wide receiver to take some pressure off running back Jamaal Charles and wide receiver Dwayne Bowe, the only proven playmakers the Chiefs have.

Predicted finish in AFC West: second