Power Rankings: No. 3 Kansas City Chiefs

A weekly examination of the Chiefs' ESPN.com Power Ranking:

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As one of three unbeaten teams remaining, the Kansas City Chiefs deserve nothing worse at this point than their No. 3 spot in this week’s ESPN Power Rankings.

Do they belong higher? Not higher than the No. 1 Denver Broncos, who have outscored their opponents by 91 points in five games.

But higher than the No. 2 New Orleans Saints? Maybe. The Saints built their spotless record by winning three times at home and twice on the road. The Chiefs have won three road games and have a greater point differential in their wins (plus-70) than do the Saints (plus-61).

The Saints, though, have faced a more difficult schedule, at least when it comes to the record of their opponents. New Orleans’ opponents are 10-14 while those of the Chiefs are 7-18.

There’s that, plus the fact the Saints have a win over a team in the top 10 of ESPN.com’s Power Rankings. Last week, the Saints beat the No. 10 Bears in Chicago. Kansas City’s best win, according to the Power Rankings, came against No. 14 Tennessee.

So for now, the Chiefs are right where they belong.