Kiper mock 1.0 reaction: Chiefs

In his first mock draftInsider, Mel Kiper has the Kansas City Chiefs selecting Notre Dame defensive end Stephon Tuitt with their first-round draft pick (23rd overall). With the draft being almost four months away, much can change between now and then.

But don't be surprised if this pick becomes a reality for the Chiefs. Tuitt makes a lot of sense.

The Chiefs could well be losing one of their starting defensive ends, Tyson Jackson, to free agency. The Chiefs, who collapsed defensively over the season's second half, could use help on that side of the ball. Their pass rush, which started the season at a record pace but became almost a nonfactor over the final few games, would benefit from the push the 6-foot-7, 322-pound Tuitt is capable of providing.

The Chiefs have Allen Bailey in reserve at defensive end, and he is capable of taking Jackson's place. The Chiefs have bigger positional needs, particularly at wide receiver. They survived this season with only running back Jamaal Charles as a viable threat, but have to supply quarterback Alex Smith with more help. They also need to be thinking about replacing Dwayne Bowe as their No. 1 wide receiver. Bowe will turn 30 in September.

But taking into consideration positional needs, value with the 23rd pick and overall fit, Tuitt could well be Kansas City's choice.