Roster analysis 2013 to 2014: QB

With this post, we're going to start a detailed look at the Kansas City Chiefs' roster by position and determine whether they improved or not since the end of last season. Keep in mind that the Chiefs can continue to make roster moves and could make significant additions or subtractions before they arrive at training camp. But the bulk of the roster they will take to Missouri Western State University in St. Joseph is intact.

We'll start now with a look at the quarterbacks.

End of 2013: Alex Smith, Chase Daniel, Tyler Bray.

Serious 2014 roster candidates: Smith, Daniel, Bray, Aaron Murray.

Analysis: It's difficult to argue that the addition of Murray has made the Chiefs worse at quarterback. Smith turned 30 this month but his skills showed no sign of erosion last season. In fact, he got better as the season went on, a process that could well continue in 2014. Daniel can only be better next season for the experience he received in starting the final regular-season game of 2013. Murray may or may not be an upgrade over Bray as a developmental prospect. But if the decision comes down to the two of them for the No. 3 quarterback spot, the Chiefs need to go with the player with the best future and not Murray just because he is a drafted player. They need to make him, and Bray for that matter, earn it.

Better or worse? Slightly better based off predicted improvement from returning players.