Chat wrap: A Pryor plan?

We held our AFC West (sans Denver) chat earlier Thursday. Here are some highlights:

Kansas City

John from Fairbanks, Alaska: How dominant can this Chiefs linebackers group be? [Tamba] Hali and [Justin] Houston both top 10 sacks?

Bill Williamson: Could be best group of 3-4 linebackers in the NFL. Expect a huge season from those guys.


Sheldon from Washington, DC: Any chance Terrelle Pryor gets some snaps with the first-team offense tomorrow night against Chicago?

BW: I wouldn't be shocked. Why not? Get him some work with the better players. If he is going to have a chance to start at some point, might as well see what he can do

San Diego

Nick W. from Indianapolis: I now it's still very early. But how do you think the [Mike] McCoy era is starting?

BW: Yes, it's early. Players like him. Camp went well. So far, so good. But wins and losses is what matters most.