Draft prospects Groome, Rutherford look good at Perfect Game showcase

Sunday's Perfect Game All-American Game at Petco Park in San Diego had a strong cross-section of the best high-school talent in the 2016 draft class, more pitching than hitting but still a solid balance of each, including the top arm and the top position player at the moment.

• The best arm in the prep class right now is New Jersey lefty Jason Groome, who started the game for the East team and was 92-96 mph with a very loose body and quick arm, although he could get more extension out in front. He threw one changeup with great arm speed, while his curveball was below-average, probably because of that lack of extension and earlier release point. Given how fast his arm is, however, he'd be an easy candidate to add a slider. With his size (6-foot-5, 200 pounds), arm strength, delivery and left-handedness, he has got a shot to be the first player selected in June.

• Groome retired Blake Rutherford, the Earl of Simi Valley (California) and the top position player in the class, in their lone matchup in the first inning. Rutherford had a great batting practice and finished second in the home run derby, showing plus raw power from a heavily rotational swing. Later in the game,