In the huddle with Ricky Marvray

Redshirt freshman receiver Ricky Marvray has been one of the most impressive players for the UCLA offense this spring after seeing an increase in playing time when receiver Josh Smith went down with a knee injury. Quarterback Kevin Prince notices the talent. "They just need more reps," Prince said in reference to the second-string receivers. "It's tougher for them to get reps, but you can tell there's potential there." I caught with Marvray briefly following Friday afternoon's practice to talk about his spring, his skills and playing pickup on the streets of Westwood.

Blair Angulo: You seem to look more and more comfortable with every practice.

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Ricky Marvray

Ricky Marvray: I'm getting my feet wet. It's what I'm trying to do this year. I'm coming off a redshirt year so I'm just trying to get into the mix. The offense is starting to click for me.

Angulo: What's it like to finally be able to practice with the first and second units?

Marvray: Everyday is an opportunity, so I'm taking advantage of that. It doesn't matter who I'm running with -- the ones and the twos -- I'm trying to put on a show.

Angulo: Are you a possession receiver or are you trying to make defenders miss?

Marvray: I want to say I'm a little bit of everything, but I think I'm a big play guy. I don't know what it's going to be -- a long punt return, a huge catch, a three-yard slant that goes for 80 -- I just think I'm a playmaker. I can't put a label on it though.

Angulo: From scout team player to what this year?

Marvray: I have to play the role of getting out there and knowing what I'm doing. When some of our older guys are tired, I might get in there. My role will be to know what's going on, catch the ball and get my feet wet. I'm coming off the redshirt year and I've never played college football. I need to get a feel for the sport and do well.

Angulo: You get most of your reps with Richard Brehaut under center, but how important is it to build a relationship with Kevin Prince?

Marvray: It's very important. I don't know what the coaches are thinking, but I think Kevin is our starter right now. Brehaut and I have had a tight connection for a while.

Angulo: Was that you and Brehaut playing catch on the street the other day?

Marvray: Yeah, yeah (laughs). Me and Brehaut go way back, but me and KP [Prince] are no strangers either. His locker is right next to mine, so I'm in his ear every day. I think I have a relationship with both of them.