Mora: Bruins did not quit at Cal

LOS ANGELES -- Despite the UCLA Bruins' lopsided loss at California on Saturday, coach Jim Mora said that his team did not quit on him in the fourth quarter of the 43-17 rout.

"Absolutely not," Mora said Monday. "Not a chance. The score got away from us, but nobody quit. … Not even close."

UCLA was within 12 points at 29-17 and drove deep into Cal territory with more than 10 minutes to play, but the Golden Bears intercepted a Brett Hundley pass and returned it 57 yards to set up the game-clinching touchdown. Later in the fourth quarter, C.J. Anderson broke free for a 68-yard touchdown run that made the final margin of victory 26 points.

"When I looked at the film I was surprised with how hard we played, because when you look at the score you say, 'Oh, they must not have played very hard, '" Mora said. "The guys played hard. We busted about four plays that made it look bad."

The 68-yard touchdown run in the fourth quarter was one of those busted plays. Mora said he could understand how a play such as that might make it look as if the Bruins had given up on the game; but he insisted it was the result of missed assignments, rather than of a lack of effort.

"When you get a run on you like we did at the end of the game --68 yards -- conventional wisdom is you ask a question like, 'Did they quit?'" Mora said. "It’s like, 'Oh, god, they gave up a 68-yard touchdown run in the fourth quarter, they must have quit.' But the reality of it was that we rotated. We busted the coverage, and so we didn’t have anybody in two gaps. We rotated the wrong way so it looks bad but we didn’t quit."