Torian White has successful heart procedure

LOS ANGELES -- Torian White had surgery to correct a randomly rapid heart beat Monday and will return action next week, he said Thursday.

White said doctors sent electrical stimulation into his heart to correct an issue that has been occurring since training camp. The issue is corrected, he said, and not expected to affect him in the future. He said wouldn’t need to follow up with the doctor for two months.

“It was a rapid heartbeat that would occur at random times,” White said. “They stuck a few wires in me and the doctors said everything would be fine.”

White complained of chest pains and shortness of breath early during training camp and sat out a few days. Doctors diagnosed the problem and cleared him to play. He has started every game at left tackle for UCLA and scheduled the procedure for this week because UCLA is off.

He attended practice Thursday but did not participate as he is supposed to refrain from physical activity for a week. He could be back in pads as early as next Tuesday and should be ready for UCLA’s next game Oct. 27 at Arizona State.

“When we start contact again on Tuesday we’re hopeful that he’ll be back,” coach Jim Mora said. “If not Tuesday then Wednesday which should mean he’s ready to go on Saturday.”