Shabazz Muhammad can see clearly now

LOS ANGELES -- Shabazz Muhammad missed practice last week because of conjunctivitis and played Sunday against USC pretty much with one eye shut, he said.

That could help explain his 2-for-7 shooting performance in which he scored only 11 points -- seven below his season average. Muhammad said his eye was getting better and he doesn’t expect it to be as much of an issue Wednesday against Arizona State.

"It's way open today, but it was closed on Sunday and it was really hard to shoot and stuff like that," he said.

Muhammad, who wears contact lenses, is working with team physicians to get a pair of sports goggles he can wear. A pair came in this week, but the prescription was off so he sent them back. A new pair is expected in by Wednesday, but Muhammad said he would only wear them in practice.

"I'm not playing with them in a game," he said. "It's already tough enough playing Arizona State."