Norm Chow gets extension, UCLA gets ...

The news that UCLA is keeping offensive coordinator Norm Chow around for the next three seasons probably has quarterback Kevin Prince doing cartwheels across Spaulding Field.

Gary A. Vasquez / US Presswire

Kevin Prince benefits the most with offensive coordinator Norm Chow's new contract extension.

With the extension, UCLA gets security and stability from a position that seems to be the only thing separating it from being a serious contender for the conference title. The Bruins have had top-caliber defensive and special-teams units lately, so now Chow will have the opportunity to continue building the attack.

Prince, the guy at the top of Chow's system, gets assurance knowing that his quarterbacks coach will be around for the remainder of his time in Westwood. The redshirt sophomore has separated himself from the team's other quarterbacks by grasping Chow's system. Now he gets to keep absorbing the same scheme until he can master it.

Prince's progression under center -- and in the "revolver" formation -- from Year 1 to Year 2 is one of the most intriguing things to keep an eye on during the team's fall camp later this month.