Jones-Drew talks big, plays big

Former UCLA running back Maurice Jones-Drew(2003-05), the NFL's second-leading rusher this season, sat down with NFL Network's Michael Irvinto talk stature, playmaking and the Jacksonville Jaguars.

On critics doubting his ability to be effective given his small stature:

“That’s what drives me. I think that and obviously being slighted in the draft because I was 5-7 was something that was going to continue to drive me every day. Every day I wake up and come out to be the best I can be. At the same time, how you prove people wrong is by winning.”

On being a playmaker:

“You're putting your body on the line, that’s showing everybody else how much you care about winning. That’s what makes you a playmaker.”

On the Jaguars:

“We don’t care about how many guys you put in the box. You could put 13, you can bring the fans out and put them in if they want to, but we’re going to run the ball. That’s just what we’re going to do and you have to stop us.”

Jones-Drew has amassed 1,278 yards rushing this season, trailing only Houston's Arian Foster (1,330). He was the 60th-overall selection in the 2006 NFL Draft after setting numerous UCLA records, including career all-purpose yardage (4,688), single-game rushing (322) and touchdowns in a game (five).

Click hereto watch a preview of the interview. The entire piece will air Sunday during NFL GameDay Morning, which begins at 6 a.m. PT.