Deep Three: Bruins wake up in time

We go beyond the arc following UCLA's 68-57 win against Stanford on Saturday at Pauley Pavilion:


Perhaps the Bruins needed a bit more time to finish counting sheep. Lazeric Jones said an assistant coach went around knocking on players' doors before 8 a.m. -- a full three hours before the 11 a.m. start time.

"I didn't like it too well," Jones said as he smirked.

And it showed early with Stanford racing out to an 8-0 lead. The Cardinal pulled down five offensive rebounds in the first four minutes, taking advantage of Joshua Smith's absence down low. While Stanford hustled and scrambled after loose balls, UCLA sleepwalked, falling behind by 14 and forcing coach Ben Howland to use three of his timeouts.

"I can't tell you what I really thought," Howland said. "Well, I can't say it out loud."

The Bruins went 2-for-12 to start before going on a 16-2 spurt to tie it at 24-24.

"We just didn't have the energy," Tyler Honeycutt said. "As the game went on, we got stops and we got buckets."


Cancel the optometrist appointment. Quit trying to adjust the television signal.

Your vision isn't fooling you -- Malcolm Lee's jump shot has taken shape. Four of the junior guard's six makes were from at least 16 feet, including two corner treys that might have brought back memories of sharpshooter Arron Afflalo (2004-07).

"Last year when he released (the ball), his arm wouldn't go all the way through (the motion)," Howland said. "He's locking his elbow now in his shot because he's moved it higher up with a higher elbow. He's finishing higher and going up and down straight. He still gets sped up once in a while and he's working on that, but he played great today. I couldn't be happier about Malcolm's play."

Lee scored a game-high 23 points and was 9-for-10 on free throws. He is averaging a career-best 12.8 points and has raised his three-point percentage, from 25.2 last season to 32.5 this season.

"He's playing 39 minutes and not cramping," Howland said. "So whatever he's doing there is really, really big. If you remember last year he had those constant issues (with cramps). He played 37 minutes (Thursday against Cal) without cramping. He's taking some vitamins and doing some things that are really helping him. ... Our trainers have him guzzling Gatorades that are extra-filled with electrolytes and whatever else magic potion."