UCLA to unveil alternate uniform vs. USC

UCLA will unveil an alternate uniform Saturday for its game against USC, athletic director Dan Guerrero announced in his weekly blog Tuesday.

Guerrero didn't give any details, though published reports have speculated the uniforms will be all white. Guerrero added that UCLA would give hints about the new look on its Facebook page and through Twitter.

"We will be unveiling a uniform that we have been working on with the adidas design team for several months," Guerrero wrote. "These new uniforms will provide us with an alternative to our existing road uniforms but will not replace them in perpetuity."

The reaction from players was mixed.

"I don't really care about any of that stuff," senior running back Derrick Coleman said. "All I'm really focused on is beating them. The uniforms don't mean anything if you lose. I don't really care what happens, I just want to beat the Trojans. At the end of the day that's what we all came here to do."

Senior safety Tony Dye, one of the team's captains, has no say on the matter.

"Those equipment people won't budge for anybody," he said. "It's kind of frustrating because I'm a captain and they wouldn't tell me, but I'm praying and hoping it's all-white. But that's me just guessing. ... You know I've been pushing for all this, but I gave up on all that at the beginning of the season."

Said junior cornerback Aaron Hester: "It would give us that extra confidence. You look good, you feel good, you play good. A lot of people around the country think our uniforms look good now but having something different, like an alternate would be nice. I think this is the right time to bring them out."

Junior quarterback Kevin Prince said he thought the new look was "cool" and that USC might have a change in store as well.

"I don't know what SC's plans are but I've heard rumors that they're going to do something too," he said. "It's exciting and fun to do that. It makes the game for us as players a little more special by going away from the norm."

In 2008, UCLA coach Rick Neuheisel and then-USC coach Pete Carroll agreed to bring back the tradition of each team wearing home jerseys for their annual showdown instead of the visiting team having to wear white jerseys. That decision violated NCAA rules and cost USC a timeout, but Neuheisel agreed to call a timeout before the game to even things up.

The NCAA later amended that rule and the schools were allowed to mutually agree on wearing home jerseys without penalty. If, indeed, UCLA plans to use all white uniforms, they would not need permission from USC because visiting teams normally wear white.

Neuheisel said Sunday night that he was not aware of any uniform change for this game and hinted that he'd like to keep the tradition of UCLA wearing blue and USC wearing red.

"No one’s told me anything," he said. "We’re blue and gold as far as I know. I’ve heard the rumor, but I have no indication of that. ... I love the home uniforms. I think it’s one of the classic games in college football."