Brehaut still hopes to play baseball

Quarterback Richard Brehaut said he still intends to play baseball this spring, though he acknowledged that he hadn't yet cleared it with new coach Jim Mora.

Brehaut had an agreement with Rick Neuheisel that allowed him to play baseball as long as he did not miss any of spring football practice. He balanced both by skipping baseball practices and games when they interfered with spring football, but was a member of the Pac-10 champion baseball team. He did not appear in a game.

"I’m definitely playing so I hope he’s OK with it," Brehaut said. "That’s something I’ll have to sit down and have a talk with him about. I proved that I can do both and be successful this past year so I hope that he understands that and the feeling is mutual."

Asked what he would do if Mora was not OK with it, Brehaut said he would have to think long and hard about that situation.

"If he forces me to make a choice, I’d definitely have to sit down and have a long talk with my family about that but that’s something that is in the future and I’ll talk to him about that so we’ll see," he said.