Kiffin on USC's No. 18 ranking

USC coach Lane Kiffin has always maintained he doesn't care much for the way the Associated Press devises its top 25 rankings each week during the college football season.

Thursday, he explained why.

"I don't really pay much attention to it," Kiffin said after practice Thursday when asked if he was bothered by the Trojans' No. 18 ranking in this week's poll. "We never really did here before. I actually didn't even know how it worked. Somebody just told me the other day.

"So it really doesn't mean much."

It's not particularly difficult to discover how they determine the rankings. They poll voters across the country and combine them into one comprehensive list of the top-25 rated teams in the country. But Kiffin's point relates more to what he perceives are the inherent biases than anything else.

"After learning how it works, I really could care less now," Kiffin said Thursday. "They told me that we had one voter that didn't even vote for us at all.

"So I said, 'Where is he from?' " Kiffin said. "And, go figure, he's from Memphis, Tennessee. So we really don't care at all about rankings after hearing that."

USC (8-2) was ranked 18th this week despite starting last week 18th and beating Washington. The Trojans did gain 62 points in the voting process, but it wasn't enough to vault them over Kansas State and Wisconsin.

Nebraska (8-2) jumped over USC after beating Penn State in Happy Valley.