Baxter talks Trojan Survivor, Fangupo talks engagement

Special teams coordinator and associate head coach John Baxter was known as a sort of think-tank for team-building activities during his time with Fresno State, and it appears he's brought those ideas to USC. Baxter came up with the idea for Trojan Survivor, an idea he says was simply meant to facilitate his learning of the players' names:

In other off-the-field news, defensive tackle Hebron 'Loni' Fangupo is getting married. Fangupo, 24, transferred to USC before the 2009 season and was performing well in limited snaps before he broke his ankle against Washington State. He missed the rest of the season and was recently granted a medical redshirt — meaning he has two seasons left at USC. A devout Mormon, Fangupo proposed to his girlfriend last month, and they plan to get married in June. Here's what the always exuberant Fangupo had to say about returning to the practice field after his injury and his fiance, Rebecca: