Report: Reggie Bush to give deposition next week, NCAA requests copy

Former USC running back Reggie Bush will submit a deposition to investigators April 23 in the next step of a scandal that has left the Trojan program facing NCAA sanctions at least in part due to charges that Bush received nearly $300,000 worth of cash and gifts from a sports marketer during his time at USC.

Earlier this week, San Diego County Superior Court Judge Steven R. Denton ordered Bush to give the out-of-court deposition in the case. Wednesday, the O.C. Register reported that the NCAA asked attorneys for a copy of the the statement, made under oath. It will be Bush's first comments on the situation made under oath.

The news comes from attorney Brian Watkins, who represents Lloyd Lake, the would-be marketer who allegedly provided the cash and goods while Bush played for USC in 2004 and 2005.

The big takeaway from this is simply that the ongoing NCAA investigation concerning the USC athletic program and a supposed lack of control is — well — still ongoing. NCAA investigators have also requested a copy of the deposition from the marketing agent associated with Bush in the case, Michael Michaels.

According to Watkins, Michaels had previously been blocked from issuing a deposition due to a confidentiality agreement he signed in a settlement with Bush, in which he reportedly received between $200,000 and $300,000.