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Stafon Johnson walked out of Heritage Hall with a friend a bit ago after taking care of some errands in Heritage Hall.

He said he wasn't interested in talking about the Pete Carroll situation. The two had become great friends over the last four years; both have spoke of each other's accomplishments with great pride. But Johnson had nothing to say.

"I can’t talk about that," he said. "Sorry."

Some players have resorted to Twitter and Facebook as the day has progressed.

Wide receiver Brice Butler tweeted this afternoon: "Man idk if coach is goin to leave.. The thing is this happens every year but this is a biz not an emotional rollercoaster."

He continued in another tweet, saying: "Ya feel me... Its about business... We all kno that..if he leaves its not cause he don't like us... Maybe a better deal was on the table."

Administrative advisor Terrel Ray told reporters that this Carroll flirtation with the NFL was not of the same manner as the other occasions. Just about every January since USC's rise, Carroll has been courted by NFL teams.

"More so than any other years, this feels different," said Ray, who played for USC in the 1960's and has been around the program for a while.