Monte Kiffin returns to the laboratory

USC defensive guru Monte Kiffin said his relationship with son Lane was in flux after last week's game in Hawaii, when the Trojans gave up 588 yards in a 49-36 win at Aloha Stadium.

"I was his dad before the game; then after the game he was the head coach," Kiffin said.

Lucky for USC, they have a man with decades of experience trying to figure out where things went wrong and how to fix them before Saturday's home opener against Virginia. Tuesday at practice, Kiffin was tinkering with personnel along the defensive line, moving end Armond Armstead to tackle and shifting DaJohn Harris to the second team.

Kiffin was most upset with the penalties and with the fact Hawaii had three big passing plays down the middle of the field. That's a no-no in the Tampa-2 offense Kiffin helped invent.

"You better not let them run down the middle of the field in Cover-2," Kiffin said.