Talkin' Pro Day (and Blake Griffin)

We went over all of USC's Pro Day happenings yesterday in a general recap post, a post focusing on the two Trojan top prospects and former QB Mitch Mustain. Now we present two of the better video interviews from the day: receiver Ronald Johnson (above) and tight end Jordan Cameron (below), with a highlight quote from each of the two to entice your viewing:

"Everyone talks about it. It's Blake Griffin -- everyone wants to know about him, what he's doing. Thankfully he's a good friend of mine, so it helps get my name out there a little bit. We play pick-up together in the summer and we were joking about making a video to showcase my athleticism. He was all for it and it kinda evolved into this skit with Mars Blackmon and that whole thing. And he was funny -- if you watch it, he's a pretty funny guy." -- Cameron on his dunk video with Griffin of the Los Angeles Clippers

"With a 40, you can mess up anywhere -- from the beginning to the middle to the end. I don't think that really matters as much, but when you're on the field and you're running past guys, I don't think it really matters." -- Johnson on the meaning of a 40-yard dash to NFL teams