Three questions with Coach Kiffin

Here's the first edition of a weekly feature we have planned with USC Trojans head coach Lane Kiffin, where we mine our social media feeds for questions from fans and present the three best each week to him.

This week, we used the following three questions submitted via ESPNLA's Facebook page:

From Bob Petriquin: "USC utilizes a traditional pro-style offense, however we have some players that we can mix in a little spread-style offense as well ... what speed and tempo will we see from the offense?? Traditional, or a little more up-speed???"

From Darryl Stoudemire Jr.: "An under the radar circumstance and question here: Stanley Havili was one of the more consistent Trojans over the last few years. His statistical impact did not show his true value to the team. How do you replace his consistency and leadership and pass catching ability out of the FB position? And who replaces him?"

From Henry Kadiri: "Whats your play-calling philosophy. More pass to utilize Barkley's canon arm or 50-50?"