Robert Woods' example

It was cold, it was early and it was rainy.

Robert Woods, USC's star sophomore receiver, could have easily asked out of the Trojans' early-morning practice Wednesday. He has an injured ankle and elbow, nothing major but nagging injuries both, and no one would have faulted him.

But he didn't. Woods got out to the practice field early and stayed out there for the duration of the session, pleasing his coach, Lane Kiffin.

Kiffin himself thought of holding Woods out of practice and giving him a two-day sequence off combined with Thursday's upcoming off day, but he ultimately decided against it.

“He’ll get some rest time coming up here, but we just thought it was too important, especially as a message to the team," Kiffin said. "Here is arguably our best player and he’s out here going through everything -- in the rain -- trying to get better.

"I thought it was a great message.”

Woods had a solid practice, although he didn't have the standout performance his teammate Brandon Carswell did. Carswell caught a pass leaping left-handed in the end zone, prompting a celebration from the team's other receivers.

Marqise Lee also made an impressive bobbling grab, securing the ball with his feet after it passed through his hands.