Reagins likes the length of Well's contract

Angels GM Tony Reagins, appearing on 710 ESPN's Mason and Ireland show on Monday said he likes the length of Vernon Wells' contract despite its high price tag.

Wells, acquired by the Angels in a trade that included Mike Napoli and Juan Rivera, comes with a hefty $86 million, four year contract. Reagins said the four years is a shorter-term contract than other players who have gotten much longer deals.

"We get Vernon from age 32 to 35. It's a four year commitment. And you are seeing players getting longer term deals at six, seven, eight years. We felt that adding a player like Vernon for four years made a lot of sense for us and really get him at a time in his career where he's still doing some really special things," Reagins said.

Also, Wells' ability to play multiple positions in the outfield allows the Angels to be flexible, especially while nurturing Peter Bourjos.

"We thought with Vernon's ability to play center and then play left as well would give us some flexibility and versatility to do some things that would strengthen our ballclub and strengthen the middle of our lineup," Reagins said.