Mike Trout and the 'Super Two' issue

Since we had a long story about uber-prospect Mike Trout's promise and the likelihood of a 2011 call-up today, it's worth delving into a matter that could affect his major-league timeline.

First of all, there are no indications the Angels will bring Trout to Anaheim any time soon -- the timing looks particularly dicey with Howie Kendrick and Vernon Wells due back from the disabled list within the next week. From a financial/business perspective, though, bringing Trout up now makes more sense than it did two weeks ago.

The date for players to reach Super Two status -- meaning they would enjoy four years of arbitration eligibility rather than three -- typically falls just after Memorial Day. It's complicated -- as many things in the collective bargaining agreement are -- but the Angels could safely call up Trout and he wouldn't make more than the major league minimum (roughly $400,000) until after the 2014 season. He wouldn't be eligible for free agency until after 2016.

It may sound like bureaucratic nonsense, but just watch how many teams around baseball start calling up their top prospects in the coming days. Coincidence? Absolutely not.