Jered Weaver battles on despite mediocre stuff

Jered Weaver had his second-shortest outing of the season Saturday, yet still won his 16th game. John Cordes/Icon SMI

ANAHEIM -- The excuses were plentiful and there for the taking, but Jered Weaver shook them all off. The Angels' right-hander could have said he was emotionally unstable hours after attending his grandfather's funeral, or that he was thrown off by the extra day of rest. He didn't.

In fact, Weaver said he felt great following his pregame bullpen session. But he wasn't great when he took the mound, even though he improved to 16-7 on the year. Weaver gave up six runs and eight hits in five innings and was bailed out by the Angels' offense. He made 111 pitches and, yet, it was his second-shortest outing of the season. Weaver allowed as many earned runs (six) Saturday as he had in his previous seven home starts combined. With the six runs Saturday and seven runs at Texas on Aug. 28, it's the first time in his career that he has allowed 13 earned runs over two straight starts.

"Some days you're not going to have your best stuff," Weaver said simply.

There was a possible in-game excuse, too. On his 18th pitch of the night, Weaver slipped off the rubber and lost his balance. He remained in a crouching position for a couple of seconds, drawing a mound visit from manager Mike Scioscia and a team trainer. Still, nothing negative from Weaver.

"A little bit of clay popped up and I slipped up there," Weaver said. "It didn't have anything to do with it."

And neither did Weaver's trip to Oregon for his grandfather's funeral.

"I think I'm pretty good at letting stuff go once I get out there on the mound," he said. "Obviously it was hard [Friday] but usually I'm good at releasing that stuff."

Scioscia didn't sound too concerned, saying that Weaver battled through five by changing speeds effectively.

"Unfortunately he wasn't on tonight," Scioscia said. "He battled through and our guys kept swinging the bats."