Tiebreaker scenario(s)

Here's one way to think about this pennant race: The Angels have to make up 1 1/2 games on the Texas Rangers in their next 16 games.

Anything short of that might make the end of the season too grueling. In part, that's because Texas has a 9-7 lead in the seasons series, which will determine who gets to play at home if a one-game playoff is required. Baseball did away with the coin flip a few years ago.

The only way a 163rd game would be played in Anaheim is if the Angels trail by three games going into the final series and sweep it. If the Angels trail by two games and sweep it, they're in. If they trail by one game and take two of three, they'd fly to Texas for a game the next day.

It's a long way off, but is there anything more exciting in baseball than a one-game playoff? Even if the Angels did have to play it in Arlington, something tells me they wouldn't be complaining.