Decoding Dipoto

Angels general manager Jerry Dipoto made a few comments about his team's off-season plans in an interview with ESPN's Jim Bowden yesterday. Let's take a look at some of them (and what we think they really mean):

Comment: "Don't assume that we have no interest in [Prince] Fielder or [Albert] Pujols. We don't want to lock the door. We are a high-revenue team and I'm a big believer in acquiring impact players. However, they are not our greatest need and are not priority number one on our list."

Translation: Aren't season-ticket renewals coming up soon?

Comment: "I like Jordan Walden and Scott Downs, but would like to get them some help for closing out the last three outs of a game."

Translation: We're talking to the agent of every available closer and setup man on the market.

Comment: "[Mike] Scioscia's input, strong opinions and feedback will be weighed significantly. I am fairly certain, like I have my whole life, to work in an environment that understands that everything is a collaboration. That being said, Mike Scioscia has made it clear to me that he understands his role as manager and mine as the senior VP and GM."

Translation: I've been on the job less than three weeks and I'm already tired of answering this question.

Bowden on Twitter: Dipoto says the Angels have no interest in free agent third baseman Aramis Ramirez.

Translation: Last time this organization signed a former Pirates phenom with a shaky reputation in clubhouse demeanor, it didn't go so well (see Guillen, Jose).