Could Pujols play third?

One way to unclog the Angels' glut of power hitters is to let Albert Pujols play some games at third base, freeing first base for Mark Trumbo or Kendrys Morales.

Getting all three in the lineup gives the Angels their most powerful look.

Not going to happen, Mike Scioscia said. Pujols is the team's best-fielding first baseman and it would be an unnecessary disruption for the team's best hitter.

The impediment isn't Pujols' unwillingness. He played seven games at third for the St. Louis Cardinals last year when David Freese was hurt and he said he felt, "really comfortable ... otherwise I wouldn't have done it."

"If that's the decision he has to make, I follow the orders," Pujols said. "My job is here in the locker room. I don't have the office. He's the one who has the office and writes the lineup. It's about winning, man."