Can Bobby Abreu still play the outfield?

One of the primary impediments to the Angels trading Bobby Abreu is the perception that he's now a full-time designated hitter. Abreu, 37, vehemently disagrees with that opinion.

"There's no doubt I can still play the outfield," Abreu said Wednesday morning. "You know when you start to lose it and I know I have the same ability I've had in my career. I stole 25 bases last year, so you know my legs are still good."

Once a Gold Glove right fielder, Abreu played just 28 games in the outfield last year. He was a sub-par outfielder in 2010 when he played in 134 games. If he can play the outfield, the Angels would double the number of teams they could strike a deal with.

Abreu thinks his numbers were affected by the fact he was limited to DH duties. He had career lows in batting average (.253), on-base percentage (.353) and home runs (eight). The Angels told him earlier this spring he could get 400 at-bats this season, but if Kendrys Morales is healthy enough to serve as the DH, that seems like a stretch.

"You just sit there all game waiting to hit," Abreu said. "It's hard. Believe me, it's hard."

The Angels are believed to be actively shopping Abreu, who makes $9 million this season, but thus far they've found no takers.