Letter-writing campaign

It hasn't been public knowledge until now, but every member of the Angels penned letters to the parents of pitcher Nick Adenhart after his death last April.

One set of letters went to Adenhart's mother, Janet Gigeous, who is remarried and lives near Chicago. The other went to Adenhart's father, Jim, who lives in Maryland. Adenhart's parents are divorced.

The idea was born in a team meeting in the weeks after Adenhart's death. The letters were hand-delivered by Manager Mike Scioscia at Adenhart's funeral. Players whose native language is Spanish wrote them in Spanish.

"We were talking and we just said, 'Look, if there's ever a time the family needs us, it's right now,' " Scioscia said Thursday. " 'I think it's important for us to express how we felt about Nick to the family.' I was very proud of these guys, to a man."