When is Torii Hunter not Torii Hunter?

He certainly hasn't looked like himself through the first three series, particularly the last two days, when Torii Hunter has struck out six times.

If he were 22, people would be saying he's in a slump. Because he's 36, people wonder if it's because he's getting older. He recognizes that time will provide the only answer to that question.

"After nine games, there's no way," Hunter said. "Come to me in two months, three months, and I'm not making adjustments, then me and [Mike Scioscia] might have to talk."

Hunter's numbers aren't alarming, by any means. He is batting .250 with a pair of doubles. But he hasn't been driving the ball consistently. He didn't homer all spring. The past two games, pitchers have been challenging him with fastballs and throwing them by him.

"The last two days, just bad. I'm just not seeing the ball, then my last at-bat of every game I see the ball and I get walked," Hunter said. "Right now, it's just a rhythm. I still have a little spring training in me, but we'll figure it out. I'm healthy."