Pine tar, Joe Maddon and the Angels

If you were surprised when Tampa Bay Rays manager Joe Maddon called the Washington Nationals "bush" for checking reliever Joel Peralta's glove for pine tar Tuesday, you might not know the full back story.

Maddon was a coach under Mike Scioscia in June 2005 when the same thing happened to the Angels, who also happened to be playing Washington at the time. Nationals manager Frank Robinson, prompted by former Angel Jose Guillen, asked the umpires to check the glove of reliever Brendan Donnelly, who was ejected and later suspended for eight games.

Scioscia and Robinson started yelling at each other behind home plate, the benches emptied and players began pushing and shoving. Guillen, who had been suspended by the Angels the previous year for an encounter with the Scioscia, later called the Angels manager a "piece of garbage."

Peralta saw all of that happen, because he was a young reliever sitting in the Angels' bullpen.

At the time, here was what Scioscia said about pitchers having pine tar on their gloves: "A pitcher who would have a little pine tar on his glove is not something that you're going to go around and randomly check. It happens with a lot of pitchers in baseball and it's just been a practice that's accepted."