Scioscia on Pujols, Abreu and offensive depth

Angels manager Mike Scioscia joined Mark Willard and Jalen Rose on 710 ESPN on Wednesday to recap what's already been a hectic week.

  • On the early arrival of Albert Pujols:

"He came in early just to get used to his routine and he’s doing some things down at the minor league complex just trying to get comfortable with the situation. He works at every detail of the game and to do that takes a lot of time and he’s … getting a head start on it."

"We’re in a situation now where we have a deep offensive lineup, we have a lot of guys fighting for at-bats. We need Bobby’s input to our club, we need the presence he can bring, we need him to contribute or perform well when he gets the chance to play. How many games it’s going to be remains to be seen right now, but I … don’t see that as an issue.

"If it comes time when his playing time isn’t satisfactory to what he wants to do, I’m sure that his agent’s going to have a conversation with our general manager Jerry Dipoto and see if there can be some kind of understanding, but I’m hoping that the overwhelming opportunity for Bobby to reach his goal of getting to the playoffs and hopefully getting to the World Series is going to be something that will keep him wanting to contribute to our club."

  • On the offensive logjam:

"Our offensive depth is something we’ve been searching for for years. There have been too many years with us where we’ve had to go back and try to find players and try to stretch our lineup for maybe three or four good players who were swinging the bat well at one time. …

"Right now we have a deep lineup that’s giving us a chance to match up at some positions that’s going to give us a chance to get some veterans off their feet a little bit and keep them stronger for the long run."

Listen to the full interview here.