Oh boy, rain

Few things are more of a bummer than having Opening Day rained out.

You wonder sometimes why MLB doesn't just have every good-weather team open at home and skew the schedule toward the south and west in April.

But maybe that makes too much sense. The Angels are en route to Kansas City as we speak and the forecast for Thursday is dire. Accuweather.com calls for steady rain all day and into the evening, with 41-mph wind gusts. It's calling for a high of 56 degrees. Meanwhile, Anaheim will have "plenty of sunshine" and be 87 degrees.

Not sure what would happen in the event of a postponement. The teams could play a doubleheader on Saturday or Sunday -- which would royally annoy the Angels, who are trying to go with four starters until Joel Pineiro is healthy -- or make up the game when the Angels come back to Kansas City at the end of May.

Either way, a lot of kids in Southern California, Kansas and Missouri will be bummed.