Williams' injury fans competition

A hamstring injury to the presumptive fifth starter, Jerome Williams, could open the door for another pitcher in camp, Angels manager Mike Scioscia said Sunday.

Earlier, Scioscia said Williams would have plenty of time to get ready for the season. The team won't need a fifth starter until April 15. Doctors told Williams not to exert himself for at least two weeks, meaning he wouldn't start his throwing program until around March 18.

If Williams begins the season on the disabled list, rookie Garrett Richards is the most likely candidate to replace him, but Brad Mills, Eric Hurley and Trevor Bell are all in the mix as well.

"We’re hopeful that [Williams] will still be in contention for that fifth starter spot when it comes around, but we’re not sure right now until this injury starts to progress," Scioscia said. "Hamstring’s are funny and hopefully it’ll progress and get to where it needs to be."