The secret to the officiating

LOS ANGELES -- Randy Foye said he didn't want to talk too much about what was discussed in Thursday's players-only meeting following the Clippers' loss to the Phoenix Suns.

But, speaking after Saturday's come-from-behind win over the Houston Rockets, he did reveal one telling topic of conversation from the extended meeting, adding context to something Vinny Del Negro touched on that night in his postgame news conference.

In short, Foye said, the Clippers "have to hold ourselves accountable for our actions on the court."

By that, he mainly means in terms of the officiating. Keep complaining to the officials, he said, and you have to accept the fact that they're possibly going to pay you back for it.

"If you just play, you'll get more calls," said Foye, one of the Clippers' leaders this year, along with Ryan Gomes, Chris Paul and Caron Butler. "If you don't complain, you'll get more calls."

Many would say Blake Griffin could benefit from hearing that. And perhaps he did -- the star forward noticeably complained only one time during Saturday's win over the Rockets, putting both hands on his head in the second half after being called for a defensive foul in what has become his signature move this season.

Foye said one of the reasons the Clippers were able to win Saturday's game was that they didn't let calls get to them as frequently as they have other times this season.

"Tonight, we could have complained about certain things, but we let that go," Foye said. "In the past, we've complained too much, but tonight we did a better job."