Foye comes through in larger role

The Clippers probably didn't envision Randy Foye leading their team in shot attempts on several occasions this season, but it has become a common occurrence this month.

He led the Clips with 16 field-goal attempts in Friday's win over the Portland Trail Blazers, the fourth time he has done so in March. And he tied for the team-high with 20 points by making seven of those 16 attempts, including 5-of-10 from 3-point range.

Some perspective: It took Foye until the fifth game of the 2011-2012 season to reach 20 total points scored. The 6-foot-4 sharp-shooter's role has increased significantly as the season has gone on, and Friday's game was a good showcase for it.

After pouring in 12 points in 10 second-quarter minutes and adding five more in the third, Foye found himself with the ball on the perimeter and the Clippers down by two in the final minute. Chris Paul had passed it to him out of a timeout and Foye shot it with little hesitation, even with Portland's J.J. Hickson not far from him and coming closer.

"I just shot the ball," Foye said. "It seemed like as soon as he threw the ball to me everything was in slow motion, and I just shot the ball and held my follow-through."

He hit it to give the Clippers their first lead in nearly six minutes. Paul had to hit a layup on the next possession to win the game because of Jamal Crawford's high-arching jumper in Foye's face that followed it, but the shot from Foye was key in the outcome.

"Randy is a rhythm player," Clippers coach Vinny Del Negro said after the game. "The guys and myself have confidence in Randy.

"Getting that type of production from him is very important for us."

It was the third time this month that Foye shot 5-of-10 from deep, matching his best performance of the season. They'd lost both of those games, but Foye's Friday performance moved the team to 2-2 in March games where he led the team in scoring.

"He's played well for us -- really well for us -- all season," said teammate Blake Griffin. "That shot was huge. He's won a lot of games for us and he's helped us win a lot of games, so we love him out there."