Rest not yet an option for Clippers

PLAYA VISTA, Calif. -- The Los Angeles Clippers have just four more games left in the regular season and are only one game behind the Oklahoma City Thunder for the second seed in the West.

It would stand to reason that the result of Wednesday’s game against the Thunder at Staples Center will likely determine how much Clippers coach Doc Rivers will play his starters over the final three games of the season, but he said that wasn’t the case Tuesday.

“We’re getting a lot of rest right now already,” Rivers said. “So I don’t know if we really will have that issue. If someone gets banged up to a point where I think they need the rest, then we’ll do that. But other than that, we’re getting two games off between each game. I think we should put that in for the rest of the year for every team.”

Rivers may look to rest players in the final game of the season if there is nothing to play for with the game being in Portland on the second night of a back-to-back, but he said he would look to rest players based more on feel than anything else.

“I’ll probably do that visually,” Rivers said. “Not having a plan, but if you’re in a game and you think a guy is tired, you’ll just rest them on the spur of the moment.”

Two players who likely won't play before the end of the regular season are Jamal Crawford and Danny Granger. Crawford is out with a sore left Achilles, and Granger is out with a strained left hamstring. Crawford shot before practice Tuesday and said he hopes to be back before the playoffs start while the start of the playoffs would likely be the earliest return for Granger.

“[They’re] not ready,” Rivers said. “They won’t play Wednesday. I don’t see Saturday for either one. If there’s a change, I’ll let you know, but I don’t see them getting healthy enough to play.”