Fergie, Steve Ballmer hit the club in L.A.

LOS ANGELES -- Clippers owner Steve Ballmer isn’t shy when he’s sitting courtside. He can usually be seen cheering wildly and standing up throughout the game from his baseline seats adjacent to the Clippers' bench. But he has never put on a performance quite like he did Wednesday during the Clippers’ 114-89 win over the Lakers. After the first quarter, Fergie, who was sitting next to Ballmer courtside, got up and began performing her new song, “L.A.LOVE (la la).”

Her performance inspired, well, this dance from Ballmer.

Even the Clippers’ mop boy got into the action with Fergie.

Again, this wasn’t a halftime show. This was happening in between the first and second quarters while the Lakers and Clippers were huddled up at their respective benches.

Ballmer’s dance moves elicited quite the reaction from his team after the game.