Ned Colletti on needs

Dodgers general manager Ned Colletti said he believes the team’s new ownership and the financial stability that comes with it gives the Dodgers more freedom in this season’s trade talks, but cautioned that many facets outside of money are necessary to close a deal, “especially in-season.”

“Are we gonna have more wherewithal to do things? I believe we will,” Colletti told Ramona Shelburne on Saturday on 710 ESPN. “I really don’t have any doubt that we will. Does that just make it happen, though? No.”

Colletti said the oft-injured Dodgers have several needs this season -- including the need for the training room to be vacated.

“I’ve kicked the tires a little bit on some starting pitching that may be out there,” Colletti said. “I’ve thought about another reliever, especially a lefty that could complement Scott Elbert. And, of course, we get creative offensively but we don’t hit five home runs a night or four home runs a night … But if we’re able to find one more hitter that could hit anywhere between second and seventh in the lineup, you have to take a shot.”

“That’s a pretty long shopping list,” Colletti admitted.

Listen to the full interview here.