Mattingly fearing worst with Hanley injury

MILWAUKEE -- As the Los Angeles Dodgers continue to wait for an official diagnosis on Hanley Ramirez's injured right side, manager Don Mattingly has started to fear the worst.

"Obviously it didn't sound good," Mattingly said. "When you're getting an MRI, it's usually not a good thing."

The MRI exam was scheduled for Saturday evening, about two hours before game time and Mattingly figured he might not know any details until after the game.

Miguel Rojas started at shortstop Saturday against the Milwaukee Brewers, and could be a fixture there for a while if the injury is as serious as Mattingly assumes. The Dodgers have only announced a side injury, but Mattingly used the word "oblique" Saturday.

"They're pretty serious as far as I'm concerned," he said. "They're not like really anything. If that's the area ..."

Even the standard oblique injury can cause downtime longer than 15 days. The issue is that even when the side feels better, more rest is needed to avoid reinjuring the area.

"The MRI will give us a good indication of severity and if there is swelling or bleeding or any of that stuff," Mattingly said.