Meet Corey Seager

LOS ANGELES -- And batting third for the Dodgers on Saturday against the New York Mets ... Corey Seager?

Just kidding. Even though with the way the Dodgers' offense has been sputtering of late, it's not all that far-fetched the team could toss its first-round draft pick in there for a bit of a jolt. Particularly a first-round pick like Seager, a big, brawny 6-foot-4 high school shortstop from North Carolina who can hit for power and average.

Seager, selected 18th overall, agreed to forgo a scholarship to South Carolina to sign a contract with a $2.35 million signing bonus Friday. He took a tour of Dodger Stadium on Saturday, posing for pictures with Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier and meeting with the Dodgers coaches and staff.

"I'm on top of the world, I don't even know how to explain it," said Seager, the younger brother of Seattle Mariners third baseman Kyle Seager. "I've been ready to start but that stuff had to get sorted out. I was committed [to South Carolina] but he [Dodgers assistant general manager Logan White] changed my mind."

Seager will begin his career at the Dodgers' rookie affiliate in Odgen, Utah sometime over the next few weeks. White says for the time being, he plans to keep Seager as a shortstop.

"I know one thing, he can always play third base," White said. "But I want to see him stay in the middle of the diamond for as long as he can. When you have a guy in the middle of the diamond who can swing the bat, that's valuable. Things will dictate it as we go."

Seager is the second consecutive Scott Boras-repped client the Dodgers have selected in the first round and come to an easy agreement with. Boras also represented last year's first-rounder, Stanford pitcher Chris Reed.

Does this mean the super agent and the Dodgers are now on good terms after the Luke Hochevar debacle of 2005?

It certainly sounds like it.

"Logan and I had no trouble reaching an accord for what was equitable for Corey and the Seager family," Boras said. "It was one of those situations where everybody understood what he could mean. With where the Dodger farm system is, this really is something where --even beyond the money-- there really is an opportunity for Corey, with his abilities, that you always hope every young player has."

Here's a look at tonight's lineups:


Andres Torres CF

Ruben Tejada SS

David Wright 3B

Ike Davis 1B

Lucas Duda RF

David Murphy 2B

Kirk Nieuwenhuis LF

Josh Thole C

Johan Santana P


Dee Gordon SS

Elian Herrera LF

Jerry Hairston Jr. 2B

Juan Rivera 1B

A.J. Ellis C

Scott Van Slyke RF

Juan Uribe 3B

Tony Gwynn Jr. CF

Nathan Eovaldi P