The one that got away

LOS ANGELES -- The Dodgers answered as many questions about the player they didn't acquire before Tuesday deadline -- pitcher Ryan Dempster -- as they did about Shane Victorino and Brandon League, the newest members of the team.

Dempster (5-5, 2.25 ERA) was on turn to pitch Tuesday night and likely would have pitched Wednesday for the Dodgers in their series finale with Arizona, but...

General manager Ned Colletti said the Chicago Cubs' asking price for Dempster exceeded what he considered reasonable for a player who might only be a Dodger through early October. According to reports, the Cubs insisted on Double-A pitcher Allen Webster, one of the Dodgers' top prospects.

“It was not just one premier prospect, it was one premier prospect and other players, too," Colletti said. "We just decided that we were going to pass on that.”

The difference this season, of course, is that it wasn't money that cost the Dodgers the player they were after. The owners had given Colletti the clearance to take on the remaining $4.6 million on Dempster's contract. He is a free agent after this season.

“We’re happy about where we are. We wanted to do more, but it just didn’t happen," Dodgers co-owner Magic Johnson.

Here are lineups for Tuesday night:


Chris Young CF

Aaron Hill 2B

Jason Kubel LF

Paul Goldschmidt 1B

Justin Upton RF

Miguel Montero C

Chris Johnson 3B

Stephen Drew SS

Wade Miley P


Jerry Hairston Jr. LF

Mark Ellis 2B

Matt Kemp CF

Andre Ethier RF

Hanley Ramirez 3B

Juan Rivera 1B

Luis Cruz SS

Matt Treanor C

Chris Capuano