Vin goes viral

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Who knew Vin Scully could read lips?

The Dodgers' Hall of Fame broadcaster went into an impromptu translation (about the 2-minute mark of clip above) of a rant by Colorado Rockies manager Jim Tracy late in Monday night's game that has spread like a brush fire across the Web. After the umpires reversed a call on Shane Victorino's line drive to center, saying Dexter Fowler trapped the ball, Tracy erupted and Scully interpreted.

"He caught the ball," Jim said. "He caught the ball. He caught the blinkin' ball. He caught the darn ball."

After Tracy slammed his hat to the ground, the umpires ejected him, which prompted this exchange, according to Scully:

"That is blinkin' fertilizer," I'm doing the best to translate. "You got to be blinkin' me. The ball is caught. No way, no blinkin' way. No bloody way."

Dodgers manager Don Mattingly had convinced the umpires to convene after the original out call and -- after a lengthy meeting -- they ruled in the Dodgers' favor. Baseball has announced it will use instant replay to review such calls (along with balls hit down the lines) in the future, perhaps as early as next season.

That prompted this commentary from Scully: "We have all this technology and they don't use it because they say it would delay the game. Well, what was that we just saw?"

The man literally gets better with age.