Sunday notebook

One day after several reporters tried to interview Andre Ethier, mostly to no avail, Dodgers manager Don Mattingly was asked about two issues regarding Ethier.

One was Ethier's tendency to becomes so frustrated with his on-field failures that he allows that frustration to affect the way he plays and sabotage his at-bats.

"It's nothing we haven't talked about for three years with Andre,'' Mattingly said. "It's not something that just popped up. It's really something he has to constantly think about. Everybody, really. But the more (at-bats) you give up, it hurts you. You just can't do it. It hurts you as an individual, and it hurts you as a team.''

Mattingly then was asked whether Ethier's sullenness might be the result of frustration over not getting a multi-year contract.

"Not really. I think you're always dealing with those kinds of issues. Guys moving toward free agency usually have been working off one-year deals. Some guys, you see them putting too much pressure on themselves. But then, some guys flourish because they have something on the line.''

Also ...

Right-hander Shane Lindsay -- a non-roster right-hander from Australia who made four relief appearances for the White Sox last year -- has been held back from throwing because of a lat problem. I believe latissimus dorsi is the official name of that muscle, but it's so much easier just to say lat.