Mattingly: Things are good with Josh Beckett

LOS ANGELES -- Josh Beckett had a reputation for being a difficult personality to work with before the Dodgers acquired him from the Boston Red Sox. Now, that perception has been perpetuated by comments made by Boston manager Bobby Valentine and one of Beckett's former teammates in Florida, Al Leiter.

The Dodgers insist things have been smooth since they acquired Beckett on Aug. 25.

"I didn't hear anything that Bobby said or Al said, but Josh has been great," manager Don Mattingly said. "He's given us absolutely zero problems, I think he's thrown the ball well. I haven't heard anybody complaining about anything, so I can really only talk about what we've seen and it's been great."

In an interview broadcast on ESPN New York, Valentine said he wished he had heeded advice Leiter gave him before the season began.

"The advice was that he had to make sure that he had Josh Beckett. Not contained and controlled ... but somewhere where he was on Bobby's side, because Josh could be difficult," Leiter told Kay, "and he was and it was a divisive kind of scenario and I don't know if he (Bobby) was able to do that."