Gonzalez hopes to find himself again in 2013

LOS ANGELES -- Adrian Gonzalez extended his hitting streak to 14 games with a sixth inning single in Tuesday's 4-3 loss to the San Francisco Giants, but he's still not happy with the way he has been swinging the bat this season.

"I haven't had a good swing all year," Gonzalez said. "Even the ball I hit today to left field, normally it's a home run. My swing is not there so I cut it off a little bit and it doesn't have the backspin to carry out over the fence. That's just where my swing's been all year. It's something I have to keep working on and keep grinding it out. Hopefully I can get back to being me next year."

Asked whether there was something physically ailing him -- Gonzalez has previously admitted his shoulder affected his swing last season as a member of the Boston Red Sox -- Gonzalez shook his head.

"No. The shoulder's a 100 percent fine," he said. "It's more of me putting a lot of expectations on myself. Being hard on myself and trying to do too much and it created a bad habit."

Gonzalez hit .297 with with 21 RBIs in 34 games since being traded from the Red Sox to the Dodgers. He connected on only 14 extra-base hits in that time though -- three home runs, 10 doubles and one triple.

The Dodgers were officially eliminated from postseason play Tuesday night.

"I wish we would've played the way we did the last 10 days a little bit earlier," Gonzalez said. "It's tough. If I had the answer, we would've played better earlier. But we played hard. We did everything we could. It's just those couple of weeks where we didn't get the job done offensively that really hurt."